When the new school year starts, I wait with baited breath to see what will unfold. This is now my son’s 6th school year and so he is starting to get into the swing of things. He knows the routine of a new year ( and he loves routine!) and this year we played ‘New school year bingo’!

1 point for each pair of new shoes spotted, a kid wearing a too large jumper, a adult in school saying ‘haven’t you grown’, and having to design a poster for the new classroom!

It is amazing progress that we can laugh about the return to school and it’s predictable outcomes, rather than being hung up on the anxiety and letting it take over.

So 6 years down the line, the routine of going back to school is pretty well established. New shoes are expected to feel uncomfortable, new teachers will take a while to know you (that is parents and kids) and it is a very normal feeling that everyone has of not wanting to go back to school after nearly 7 weeks off… is a normal and common feeling.

So the last few days have started well, with 100% attendance and nothing but positive comments in the home school book…amazing. How wonderful that this is part of the back to school routine.

However, being a complete nightmare at home is also a major part as well,. It is a well documented fact that many autistic children learn how to behave at school and manage to keep themselves together and then let it all out when they get home. Oh the fun of the tantrums, broken doors, furniture being thrown around and the rudeness which does get worse as more swear words are learnt!

Of course I am delighted that he is holding it together so well, but I do wish he could do it here too!!! You see, living with autism it never gets easier, it just changes. Challenges appear and then disappear, morph into new difficulties with the expected headaches. But this is a routine that happens in everybody’s lives and isn’t just for those on the spectrum. And so, like we all do at times when life is a little bit more trying, I am going to shout that life is unfair that my son is a little **** at home because he has been working so hard to hold it together out of home. Yes, it’s great …..but still unfair.

But I guess me moaning about this is also part of the back to school routine….ho hum!!