Everything is too loud!!

A phrase that is often heard in my house either by my son or by me!!

My son loves/has to be loud, his voice booms around the house, a roar of a shout at whatever (or however) has displeased him and ear-piercing cry when a piece of technology is not working as he feels it should!                                                                                                                          Although he is not even 9 yet, he listens to his music at the thundering decibels that a teenager would be proud of.  When playing on the playstation, or on his tablet the volume is cranked right up so he can hear it over the inconsiderate talking that might be taking place in a shared living space.

The PS3 is connected to the the TV in the through lounge, which means that the inane gaming music insistently and continuously on a loop booms through the whole of the downstairs area…..there is no escape from it.

When in a happier  mood, my son will accept a pair of headphones . But only if offered at the right time, and not if you ask him to put them on, because that would be a demand!! They do of course have to be over the head earphones and his, worn on no other ears!!

This noise slowly drives me batty, and not being able to find a quiet place in your own home is enough to make even the calmest of people seek refuge where they can. It’ll come as no surprise that the library is one of my favourite places!!

Yet, if I have my music on, or his brother dares to speak and interrupt any of this noise, he gets very angry. His tolerance of other people’s noises is very low and as a result just makes him louder.

It is most certainly a sensory issue for him, if he can be the loudest noise (or have control over the loudest noise) then the chances of him having a sudden shock by an unexplained noise is less.

A teacher (who really didn’t understand this sensory overload) expressed how he most definitely couldn’t be bothered by noises in assembly, as his voice was always the loudest in the hall. She didn’t understand his need to control the situation by making his own ear splitting screams in the hall, and why he became quiet when he left the hall.

There are improvements, (although we are not quite ready for a firework display)  we can now visit more noisy places as long as we do not stay too long and we can be near the exit to make a swift departure. He does tolerate assemblies for much longer and of course can stay in a football stadium, at the bottom near the exit.

So it is not just a case of him loving to be loud but having to be loud as a way to cope with this sensory overload.

So, when the boys go back to school after half term, I will miss them, but I can not wait to fill the house with my own noise…………silence!!