And relax……..January 2015

During the transition term, my son had a huge amount of anxiety, so bad that many days he found it impossible to stay in the classroom. The tiny room with new kids, adults, noises and demands caused so much stress he would just leave….but luckily his classroom was near the library.
So, he would sit and read and read and then read some more. He would get lost in the world of Harry Potter, feeling as if he was at Hogwarts with his friends Harry and Ron. He would devour book upon book with facts about Dr Who, amazing his peers with his knowledge. He would doodle on paper like he was writing the diary of a wimpy kid, enjoying the humour and how it made him feel.

With a mind that never seems to stop whirling and a body that never stops moving, my son is not great at relaxing.
To switch off he uses screen time, which becomes over stimulating after 30 mins and the result is not relaxing for anyone!
To learn to relax is a very difficult skill, one that I have troubles with, constantly on the go and filling every moment of my day ( I have no idea where my son gets it from!!).
Having kids and working leaves little time to relax, but even when I have the chance I don’t seize it!
I have always loved to read and found it relaxing, however over the past few years reading has seemed like an extravagance rather than the necessity it really is. Of course I have found time to read countless PDA books, sensory books, ADHD books and autism books…..but reading for pleasure….what’s that??

My son found reading!

I don’t mean he learnt to read….I am still not sure how he managed to do that since he would never accept the demand made by me for him to read to me, we gave up on reading diaries a long time ago!
He learnt to love reading and the escapism it gave him when he did it. School, of course wanted him to be in class more, but I was secretly so proud that he was now using reading as a way to cope with a stressful situation.
A wonderful life skill that hopefully he will never lose.
So far, so good at school this term with him staying in class a lot more, he seems happier and relaxed and demands given to him are easier to accept. He doesn’t spent quite so much time in the library, but I have noticed that he often has more than the allocated 2 library books in his bag (his 1-1 lets him get them out on her ticket!). He even has 2 copies of ‘The prisoner of Azkaban’, one at home and one at school so he can read them at any given chance.
With this happier, more relaxed boy, I might even get the chance to read…….🙂 🙂