Oh I wish it could be Christmas everyday…….not!!!

Oh I wish it could be Christmas everyday…….not!!!

Apparently it’s xmas eve…..well at least thats what he keeps shouting. I know all kids are excited but his inability to control emotions combined with high need for movement and my stinking headache are going to make it an interesting day!!!
There is no way he is going to be able to process any demands I made of him today as the excitement is really clouding his already poor processing skills.
However, a huge part of me is pleased that he hasn’t got the sick bug thats going around and sooooo pleased he has believed me that xmas pressies from santa still have magic on them until 6.30 on xmas morning. Looking forward to seeing close family tomorrow where his excitement can be diluted a bit!! There is no way we are having a ‘hallmark Christmas’ but love my boys and wouldn’t have it any other way….Happy Christmas everyone may your cup/chocolate tin overflow and help you through these coming days…..see you on the other side !!!xxx


Dear Santa, – December 2014

Dear Santa.
You have probably heard about my son and his behaviour, but let me explain a little more

Nice list -Watching my son stay in the school hall for the whole Christmas performance for the first time ever!!
Watching him speak in front of all the parents.
Having a homemade xmas card with writing in it!
Sitting nicely and writing xmas cards, without being asked!!!!
Having 2 weeks of no school anxiety.
Winning a t-shirt for being the most improved at his cycling club.
A new TV!!!
Surviving a very tough first term at a new school.
Becoming completely obsessed with reading and using it as a form of escapism.

Auty list –
waking up at 2am and unable to go back to sleep due to anxiety about Christmas performance.
Having too much energy due to watching films instead of doing P.E.
Finding out that wotsits possibly have a food colouring in them that sends him hyper.
Having 2 weeks of less structure than school.
Throwing a (dirty) frying pan at me .
Morning meltdowns as sports clubs had stopped for xmas and the morning routine was different
Old TV breaking down and screaming fit from my son as he ‘doesn’t do change and wants the old one back….sob, sob, sob’!!
Can not stop eating due to anxiety.

Hope that explains his behaviour a bit better Santa…..as for me, I promise to wash up the frying pan and put it away a little quicker!!!
Don’t worry about a present for me, just a reduction in his anxiety and a lie in would do nicely xx

It’s the little things! -December 2014

We all know that life has it’s ups and downs and living with a child with PDA is certainly……interesting!
The transition to Junior school is still difficult, with frequent trips by myself to school to calm down a child who simply will not do what he is told! A phone ringing in the middle of the day fills me with anxiety!!
Monday morning started early, at 3.30 with a nightmare…..sleep was sporadic for the next few hours and the day started brightly for my son, but less so for me!!
After the usual anxious Monday morning refusals to get washed, dressed and stop jumping on his brother, we left for school.
It was a school trip to the local town and I was to ‘assist’ with my unpredictable excitable son.
He was all over the place, would not stand in line with the others, would not walk when he could jump like a frog and there was no point in asking him to walk when he could jump like a frog and there was no point in asking him to walk down a steep ramp!
He was quite clearly different from the other children, on his own agenda and stuck out like a sore thumb……
Then I saw how his classmates handled him and it changed my whole mood. They were happy to be around him, wanted to engage with him, chat about minecraft with him and laugh at him running down the steep slope. When they stopped at the park to play, he was in the thick of the game of it, laughing and rolling down the hills with the others. Yes, he was the only one to take his coat and jumper off on a bitter December morning, but other than that there was no difference!
One child smiled at me as my son was jumping around and said ‘He does have a lot of energy and just has to run it off!!’
Another asked if my son would go to a special school since he has autism, and that he hoped not, as he would miss his friend and likes him being in his class.
On the moments that my son could not cope, and took himself or had one of his ‘moments ‘ the other children carried on and when he was ready, welcomed him back as if nothing had happened. Children were happy to be his partner in the line and laugh at his impressions of a frog.
It was all of these little things that made me so happy!
Yes, my son might not do his homework, hate going to French and some days only write 1 sentence but he has friends who make him happy.
He was manic last weekend and completely wore me out! The last thing I wanted to do was spend another morning with him, but I was so glad I did.
I am so grateful for the little things and they are what keep me going when the big things come crashing in.