Bio: This is our story, all about our lives and what it is like to live with PDA and autism every day. It is all about spreading awareness about autism and PDA in a positive way. The posts will make you laugh and maybe cry, but they will certainly make you think. PDA or Pathological Demand Avoidance, is a syndrome on the autistic syndrome. Although the strategies for dealing with it are very different from autism. People who have this are crippled by the need to always be in control. Accepting demands off other people can be impossible, especially at times of high anxiety. They will avoid a demand in many ways and sometimes can become aggressive as a way of avoiding a demand. My son is now 7 and was diagnoised with PDA at only 4. He is very complex with many traits of aspergers, ADHD, sensory issues and health problems among other things. He is completely exhausting and needs constant supervision, but makes me laugh every day. We live in the south of England with his best friend our dog, his Dad and his long suffering younger brother. Our lives are hectic, but we are lucky as we have a lot of love and good friends and family. This page is my therapy and my son helps me write it. I hope that he will look back on it one day and see how far he has come. Thank you for joining us on our journey,

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One thought on “About

  1. Hi hun,
    Just recommended your blog to my friend who has just had her eldest son diagnosed with autism. I think its fantastic that other people can get support and a laugh from what you’ve written. It’s such an important blog! You’re a total star 🌟 xxxxx

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